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Studio Inktvis

Canvas Pouch/Purse by Studio Inktvis

Pink - Warning: Weapons Of Mass Creation Inside
Purple - All The Stuff I Try Not To Lose
Yellow - All The Stuff I Try Not To Lose

This pouch/purse is fun for everyone who likes funny quotes. 

The case has a text in white and you can store make-up or other stuff in it, for example. The case is spacious in size (22 x 17 cm), is made of sturdy canvas cotton (12 sun.) and has a sturdy zipper.

Just like the cotton bag, the canvas pencil case has become a real fashion item, but also indispensable in our daily activities. And let's face it, this bag is much more fun to carry all your shit in than some plastic bag.

The dimensions are 22 cm x 17 cm with a golden zipper. The material used is 340 gr/m2 cotton. This makes it suitable for different purposes.

Available in four colours - purple, pink, yellow or teal