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Family in the time of Corona…

My thoughts at this time of Coronovirus ….  When some feel stuck at home, I feel safe, safe I am home and safe I am with my family and those I love the most.

We are living through history; how will we remember this time?

In years to come children will study life during Covid-19, they will learn how children painted rainbows as a sign of hope and how people came together across the world to cheer and clap at their front door to show appreciation and thanks to the amazing NHS workers and people risking their lives and time with their own families to help all of us. They will learn of a time when the universe slowed down, airplanes stopped and polluted skies cleared, rivers flowed clean and dolphins appeared for the first time in the canals of Venice as they were so quiet! We see pictures of places like Times Square totally desolated and empty where normally thousands of people congregate for daily activities. Disney lands across the globe close and rollercoasters sit still for a moment in time.

Stock markets crashed billions were wiped off companies’ values, shops, restaurants, cinemas stood still across the entire world.

But most importantly families spent a little more time together, stripping life back to basics, eating together, playing a game of cards, sorting an old cupboard, painting a picture or going for a bike ride and teaching our kids things we never dreamed we would have time to teach, new languages, cooking, gardening, painting – some of the treasured things we miss on ‘a normal day’

Our kids are experiencing life that has been long forgotten, a time where families enjoy every day a time when a walk is just a walk, not a mission to get form point A to B. Our one walk a day becomes a time we look forward to, discover new paths and fields near our houses.

Life seems a little simpler, people are getting to know their neighbours and help each other out offering to buy food, share recipes or share books and toys for kids.  I wonder if life was like this for my grandparents and great grandparents, if they were alive now would they reminisce of this time like their childhood?  I wonder if mother nature sent us this virus to stop us in our tracks and remind us of this long-forgotten time, maybe Earth needed a rest, maybe things were spiralling out of control and we all needed time to reflect and slow down.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery but today a gift. For me this gift is time, I often remember thinking I wish I could freeze time, I wish I could stop the world to just give me some free time to catch up on all the things I have planned to do but don’t have time – now I am wondering if my dream came true. Time really is the most precious commodity, whether we are sick and suffering and appreciate each moment or we watch our kids grow in front of our very eyes and can’t slow the process, we just have to remind ourselves to be grateful we are here to see it

Of course I am not forgetting the hardship and pain and suffering so many families are experiencing, the other side to this dreaded virus is totally tragic and tearing through people lives in an unimaginable way, the stories we hear on the news are the out of control numbers are heart-breaking, to all of those people my heart goes out to you and I feel your pain and referring back to the commodity of time, it is the only thing that will slightly ease your pain

But to the rest of us – STOP – smell the roses, enjoy this time as it will pass like all moments do and I know if your like me, there will be a little part of you that misses its tranquillity, its peace and chance to just let time stand still .