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World Oral Health Day



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When it comes to our children’s health and wellbeing, some things are just non-negotiable and tooth brushing is one of them. We want them to develop good healthy habits from early on. You would not allow your child to stay in a dirty nappy however much they dislike having it changed, the same goes for tooth brushing.

  1. Always try to brush their teeth twice a day, especially last thing at night before bed and one other time ideally in the morning after breakfast. Never allow a child to walk around while brushing their teeth, if they were to fall the brush can cause serious injury.
  1. Until children have the skills to brush properly on their own, we still need to help them usually until around the age of 7 years old.. I always let my kids start brushing first then repeat it afterwards to show them how it’s done properly. Now that mine are a little older (5 and 3), we play games, have fun coloured toothbrushes, I let them try brush my teeth and we even make up a competition to see who is going to be first to let me brush their teeth…. Kids love to be competitive. I have also recommended recently that people have a look at The Brushies Range of finger puppet toothbrushes. Brilliant to introduce tooth brushing from a young age – The book that goes with it explains dental hygiene perfectly and gets kids excited about brushing their teeth.
  1. Going to the dentist should be a fun experience for a child, we want to avoid any negative memories for them so the earlier they start attending the better. We don’t want their first visit to be for a filling or at worst an extraction, it can put them off for life. 
  1. Teething can be very painful and upsetting for child and parent alike. There are lots of options available to try from cold rings to herbal remedies. Again, The Brushies Toothbrush would be a great item to have because a. it cleans their teeth and b.it acts as a soother for teething babies.

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(This blog was not paid for and is the personal opinion of Dr Saul Konviser)