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Sleepless in Hertfordshire Part 2

So its been a few weeks since my last sleep update! But I am so pleased to say we have made progress yay!!

After 2 weeks of Lacey sleeping on the floor next to us (and me convincing Mark that leaving her favourite toy in the duvet for her every night was actually detrimental and making it more enticing for her to sleep there instead of her bed) we managed to get rid of the toy and move her ever so slightly to just by the bedroom door…(I would have actually moved her out the door but because we are in the loft and there are stairs right outside – I think Health & Safety would have had a few choice words if I let our 6 year old sleep there and potentially roll down the stairs)

Again we gave her the ultimatum – sleep on the floor or sleep in your bed… she protested a little the first night but when she realised it was that or nothing she didn’t argue once! She was going to sleep in her bed and about 3am would come up to our room, get into her make shift bed on the floor and go back to sleep, not waking anyone and sleeping through until anywhere between 6-7am!

After a week of this I told Mark enough is enough we need to be moving quicker, she’s not a baby anymore (although as he keeps reminding me she will always be our baby and of course she always will) and she needs to be sleeping closer to her room. So, as I am the big bad wolf in all these situations and Mark is the big friendly giant ,we sat down and we had a family meeting. We explained that now she was sleeping so much better every night and not waking anyone, that we were so proud of her and wouldn’t it be exciting to be sleeping at the bottom of our loft stairs, closer to her sisters room???? I mean sleeping on the cold hard floor, with only a duvet doesn’t sound so exciting to me but to little Lacey she was all up for it!! Again that first night, we heard her wake around 4am and call out to us – we ssshhhhed her and told her it was there or her bed and lo and behold she didn’t make a sound! Absolute silence! I thought result!!! We are really on the final stretch now….. 

Well…a few nights had gone past like this and I thought fabulous we are doing it slowly but she is finally understanding how important sleep is and that we still love her even though she’s not sleeping on top of us! However, little did I know that the Big Friendly Giant aka Mark, Daddy, The Greatest Human Being in my girls’ eyes….was leaving a hot water bottle for Lacey in the duvet before he came up to bed at night, so that when she woke in the night and went to her new floor bed, it would be nice and cosy and warm!

Well you can only imagine how that went down when I woke one morning, silently tiptoeing over her body so I could go downstairs and I saw her clutching this cute pink hot water bottle.

I went NUTS with Mark – ABSOLUTELY NUTS – like some weird woman on drugs. I was fuming – I couldn’t believe that after the whole conversation of leaving a toy in the duvet he was now leaving a bloody hot water bottle for her – Princess Lacey. Of course she was happy and comfortable and had no interest in going to back to her bed – why would you when its so warm and cosy on the floor. So after more screaming (only from me because Mark is so calm and collected, which makes me appear even more psychotic) I finally got him to see that leaving something for her was making her want to stay there even more and the whole point is that we want her to hate being on a cold hard floor so she stays in her nice warm bed – which by the way is warm because we ended up by buying her a bloody electric blanket! What 6 year old do you know who has an electric blanket and still doesn’t sleep in her bed all night!!

So thats where we are at – I have tried moving the duvet one metre further towards her bedroom – but she wasn’t happy about that so obviously Mark moved it back to where it was….Can you see a pattern here? Daddy wrapped around her little finger? As he tells me everyday, she is sleeping better, she’s comfortable there, she’s not waking anyone and she’s now not moving to that spot until 5.30am and then she goes back to sleep until 7.30 so why move it? I try to explain that the whole idea of this is to get her sleeping all night in her bed – not 3/4 of the night! But I have no energy to argue over this  – so for this week I will let her carry on sleeping there, I will let Mark think he has won this situation this time and I will continue to be the Big Bad Wolf…..


To be continued…….