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Easter Bundle


With lockdown this Easter, we are pleased to offer this bundle of fun! Nine 2 Nothing and Le Glue for £15 + free shipping – save over £6.50! So whatever you doing in this time quarantine lockdown.. make sure you are isolating with fun!

Nine 2 Nothing!

Nine 2 nothing was invented by Summer, a 7 year old girl. Whilst on a family holiday, she was bored of all other card games and sat down and developed the game. it had an immediate effect and everyone by the pool started playing it! Its gripping, simple to learn and fun to play. one for one Summer is always thinking of others and from the moment her dad said we should make this game to sell, Summer decided she wanted to give back, so for every pack bought we will donate another one to a charity or school giving more opportunities for children and families to sit down and enjoy some quality time together playing a fun family game We really hope you enjoy the game as much as we do…

Age 5 +

Our one4one promise – for every pack bought we will donate a pack to charity for kids to learn and play

Download the full instructions here:


Le-Glue – Temporary Glue For LEGO®, Mega Blocks, Nano Blocks, and More. Great For Kids! Non-Toxic! Made In USA!

  • Design and Build Like a Professional – Perfect For Competitive Brick Building or Model Making
  • Made In The USA – Non-Toxic – Natural Ingredients – Bitter Taste Added For Child Safety
  • Holds Bricks 10x Stronger – Easily Dissolves in Warm Water, Leaves No Residue
  • The Only Non-Permanent Glue Designed Specifically for Brick Building. Won’t Damage Bricks, Saves Replacement Costs

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NINE 2 NOTHING How to play:

  • Shuffle the deck of cards.
  • Each player is dealt 9 cards face down.
  • The rest of the cards are placed in a draw pile also face down.
  • Turn over the top card and place next to draw pile.
  • The game can now start.
  • The person to the right of the dealer starts play.
  • You must work your way down from 9 to 0.
  • So, if the first card is a 7 then the next player must lay down a 6, they can put down as many or few 6’s as they have in their hand.
  • If they don’t have a 6 then they pick up from the middle. Unless they have a wild cars if they have a wild card and not a 6 – they must use this to replace it with!
  • If they pick up a 6 from the draw pile, it can’t be placed down until their next turn.
  • Then once a 6 has been placed, it’s the next persons go to lay down a 5.
  • This continues until you get to 0, then you start back at 9 again.
  • If the middle pile runs out of cards – you flip them over (without shuffling) and carry on the game.
  • There are 2 wild cards that can be used as any number.
  • If you can go, I.e have the next Number or a wild card, then you must go.
  • The winner is the first person to lay down all their cards.
  • Sounds simple – It’s not!

AGE 4 + 2 players +

Nine 2 Nothing In Action!


  • Apply a small amount of Le-Glue to block using a brush, cotton swab or simply squeeze the Le-Glue pouch to put glue onto the block.
  • Once applied, put the blocks together as normal.
  • Wash with soap and water to remove residue.
  • Glue sets within an hour.
  • Cures in 24 hours.
  • To loosen blocks, place them into warm water and simply pull apart.