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Kudo Banz


Kudo Banz keep things fresh and fun by adding more colorful banz to your collection. Kudo Banz believes in giving kids chioces to keep them motivated. This collection includes 6 bands in exciting colors. Kids will enjoy picking a new color each day.

The Banz Collection is an accessory to the starter pack. To use the Banz and the app you must first purchase the starter set.

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Kudo Banz

Motivate your little one to learn new behaviors with additional Kudos that they can add to their starter pack! These fun collections each contains 6 Kudos; 2 of which are magical that unlock new reward wheel animations! Kids will be excited to see these fun Kudos dance on screen. They are a great way to keep your little ones focused and motivated as their interests change. We currently have 8 exciting themed collections to choose from.