Roshambo Baby Shades


Roshambo Baby Shades are unique shades your our baby’s precious eyes… Roshambo shades block 100% of uva/b/c rays and are made in Italy, not China or Taiwan like the other guys. The flexible but durable and soft material is bpa-free and specially designed for baby’s use and abuse. we even mold our logos into the design to avoid unnecessary paint. click the link below to check out the specially designed durable, bendable, flexible, chewable material we use. we dare you to break them.

Fits 0-2 years and up depending on baby’s head size (measurements available on each product page). the ultra durable, virtually unbreakable, flexible and ultra light material is specially designed with baby in mind. also prescription friendly! 



Roshambo Baby Shades

  • Roshambo Baby Shades are 100% uva/uvb lens protection
  • Made in Italy like your designer shades.
  • Our material is specially designed with babies in mind: durable, flexible, chewable, light, and comfortable. A soft and safe material designed for little faces, hands and mouths.
  • Nearly indestructible: we offer a full damage and lens replacement guarantee. We dare you to break them.
  • Certified bpa and phthalate free and small parts tested.
  • We mold our logos into our design to eliminate unnecessary paint.
  • Over 25% lighter than Babiator’s baby shades! so light they can float!
  • All packaging made in the US of food grade material.
  • Prescription-ready. Purchase your prescription glasses, sunglasses or transitions by clicking here or take them to any optician and get your prescription filled. No need to purchase those expensive designer frames!
  • Most importantly, you are helping support the autism research institute with every purchase.
  • Fits from 0-24 months+ depending on baby’s head size. the flexible material gives lots of room to grow!
  • Check out more details here .
  • Mirrored frames have  polarised lens
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Roshambo Baby Sunglasses are Indestructable

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