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Clovis Brampton Grey Bunny Yellow Stars Teddy Bear by Cubbies

All Original Cubbies® toys, we have designed them with a zip that can be used to remove each toy’s stuffing pods and place the teddy in the wash.

This means that, no matter how many times this soft toy is washed, it will not become misshapen over time.

Clovis Brampton has a grey body with printed feet and ears, a fluffy tail, snuggly fur, large, floppy ears, cute chubby cheeks, and big blue eyes.

High-quality baby sensory toy

The soft sensory grey bunny teddy is one of a large range of sensory toys for babies.

Our sensory toys for babies will help stimulate your little one’s early development with a personalised touch. Check out our wide range of sensory toys for babies.

A Cubbies teddy bear sensory toy will be cherished for life. 

Our sensory grey bunny teddy bear is a super soft toy safe for all ages, machine washable, and, most importantly, lovingly handmade.