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Winston & Porter

Lick and Learn by Winston & Porter


At Winston and Porter, we are solution orientated and have spent the last six months developing what we think to be literally a ‘game changer’. 

No more stress inducing learning games, no more worrying ‘unknowns for your dog. We have produced a completely unique product in ‘Lick and Learn - a healthy distraction’. This completely remarkable product is the only one is it's class and will change your training for the better and for good.

You have two options: natural or meaty flavour

With the Lick and Learn training aid, the reward is in a tin and is solid. The dog licks his reward and the supply is reliable. There is no fumbling around or dropping of treats. The fully sealed tin sits happily in a bag or pocket, until needed. 

The benefits however, go way beyond the practical.  

Lick and learn has an amazing other effect, when the dog licks. Their brain releases oxytocin, nicknamed by some experts as the love hormone, or the tend and befriend hormone. It is one of the most important hormones mammals produce, playing a vital role in social bonding, building relationships, positive social connection and stressful conditions. This is the hormone released between a mother and baby during breast feeding to build that early attachment and between loved ones when we cuddle. 

  • A healthy, handy training aid, that is easy to carry- no more splitting bags and crumbly pockets!
  • A reliable delivery system that does not stress the dog, it actually calms them. 
  • An oxytocin releasing method that can relax the brain, making the bond between you and your dog stronger than ever. 
  • A calming tool that can be used in any stressful situation: vets, travelling, groomers, new places, waiting for long periods, busy places, to distract from healing wounds. The opportunities for use are endless. 
  • A training aid that fosters complete focus and calm learning. 

An unapparelled, totally unique system to ensure that every training, stressful or boredom busting situation is handled mindfully, working with instead of against the physiology of your dog’s brain.  

3 sizes:

75g - ideal for smaller dogs and heal work

125g - medium sized dogs

250g - for the larger dog

A perfect gift!  

If in doubt, just look at their face with ‘high value training’ treats, then compare their face with Lick and Learn. It is all about face value.


Coconut oil, Linseed oil, Oats, chia seeds, MSM and ewes milk powder, 100% beef powder Constituent Analysis: Per 10g Fibre - 0.03% Protein - 0.05% Carbohydrates - 0.06% Fat - 0.08% Crude Ash - 0.17% Calories - 376.54 Kcal