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Soapsox - Scorch The Dragon

Scorch the Dragon
Hunter the Alligator
Tank the Shark
Ray the Manta
Ava the Dolphin
William the Frog
Taylor the Turtle
Harper the Hippo
Jackson the Whale

A soft and cuddly animal friend makes bath time fun…and helps get little ones clean, too. Built-in finger pockets allow for secure scrubbing, while a clever opening for liquid or bar soap makes sudsing up all the easier. Not to forget the sponge is antibacterial.

Step 1:Insert your favourite liquid or bar soap into the SoapSox® pocket.

Step 2:Wet your SoapSox® with water and work up a lather.

Step 3:Place your fingers in the side pockets and scrub.

Step 4:When it's time to wash your SoapSox®; toss it in the washer on gentle and tumble dry.

**Hang-Drying Option: Each SoapSox® has an optional 10" hang-drying cord included with every package. Simply insert the hang-drying cord through small loop located on top of character (near the neck or tail of character). Tie the hang-dry cord ends together and hang-dry your SoapSox®.
**Hang-drying tip: Wring out each SoapSox® as much as possible before you hang dry to minimise drying time.