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WogeyWand - The Wand For Wax & Bogeys

Our unique wand design has a scoop at one end for the dried bogeys and a soft loop at the other end for the sticky ones, the magical wand is non-invasive and pain free and doubles up as the perfect tool for wax removal from the ears.

Slip free soft rubber coating with a funny face design to engage the baby and stop the tool from being inserted too deep.

Cleaning a baby's nose or ears can be a daunting task.

Many aspirator devices are just not effective and are quite cumbersome in size and appearance, they are a pain to clean and carry around.

WogeyWand to the rescue!

Our loop end is perfect for sticky mucas and wax whilst the scoop end is great for dried hard bogeys and hard wax.

This is perfect from new-born and can be used well as they grow up and is even good for adults!

Nothing is worse than seeing your baby unhappy and full of snot, WogeyWand is the perfect companion.