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Walking on Eggshells

Stepping on Eggshells

Are you ‘walking on eggshells’ with your kids? Are you constantly thinking; when will the next emotional episode erupt? Will it be over the clip you placed incorrectly on their head or the thick shearling winter coat they want to wear on a summer’s day? Are you scared to say No to your kids? Those eggshells are fragile; we step carefully to avoid any cracking.

We are inundated how to deal with this cycle of giving into our children so we don’t experience the backlash of the temper tantrums. We are all exhausted trying to figure out how to turn our little people into good big people! Should we be the authoritative parent, the authoritarian parent, the permissive parent or should we reward good behaviour? I don’t know about you but all this information drives me to the Gin & Tonic!

On the road of trying reward charts, stickers, collecting marbles, using the time out step or making them watch all the fun from another room I realised I had to find something that actually worked.

When looking for products for Kids Happy House I came across Kudo Banz, which I tested thoroughly before bringing to the UK. It’s a solution to choosing the right parenting discipline technique. Kudo Banz combines a traditional sticker chart and interactive charm bracelet to offer a modern parenting reward solution.

Kudo Banz is a positive parenting tool that teaches kids to listen without yelling or using the naughty step. Instead of saying “no, no, no!” or “don’t do that!” we finally have a tool to catch good behaviour, and kids get immediate positive reinforcement for being well behaved. Imagine that! Simply stated, a Kudo Banz is like the popular sticker chart, but instead of resting on the refrigerator door, it’s on your child’s wrist. It moves with them and thank goodness, because bad behaviour seems to happen more often than not in public places. Don’t we all know that! Mine occurred on every single school run!

From the minute I implemented the system I saw results. My kids new the goal – to collect their charms – and they knew what they had to do to get there. From this experiment we then decided to bring Kudo Banz here for you. The core of our family run business is to help all mums and dads out there because we know how hard parenting can be, there’s not a magic wand to wave, its just a case of supporting other parents along the way.