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When Fridays don’t mean the weekend…

When Fridays don’t mean the weekend

For me… having kids was a shock to the system. The juggling, the fact that your own sense of self gets lost and the fact that the ‘you’ that you knew so well morphs into something else. Is its just me…?

The weekdays role into one with each day bringing different activities centred around my two girls. Whether it be swimming, dancing, maths or sitting doing homework,  it’s a constant juggling act of timings. In between all this to be dealing with your own business time becomes a commodity and each week I am left feeling…. ‘can’t there be more hours in my day’ and before you know it the excitement of the weekend hits you.

In the old days, (before kids) I would go out on Friday night to family and leisurely eat delicious food while laughing away the week that had past. I would get home, wipe the days makeup off my face, watch a movie and gently drift off into a slumber that would wake me the next morning when my body was ready.

Forward to 2018 and we rush through Friday night family dinner whilst the kids are distracted for 5 minutes and leave with a sense of heartburn that could only be described as a dragon breath being perched in my throat. We can check the weekend list that the kids have seen the grandparents and by 9pm we role in with 4 exhausted beings. Once the kids are in bed gone are the days of my cleansing night skin regime. I rush to the bed and before I know it I am asleep.

Saturday morning we are woken by the booming sound of ‘MUMMY! DADDY! CAN YOU COME AND WIPE MY BUM!!’ What a way to start your Saturday. In the face of a white round tush and the smell of a sewer!! Fast forward to the breakfast frenzy of breakfast and the rest of the day.

We tend to juggle a round of kids parties each weekend where my husband and I negotiate who will attend which party. I normally like going with my eldest parties as she just gets on with it while I send hubby to the soft play parties because I really don’t feel like the humiliation of getting stuck in a synthetic tube or even worse getting stuck on one of the kids slides! True Story! Before you know it its Sunday night and I feel even more shattered than when it started.

The truth is… I do tend to moan quite a bit but I wouldn’t have my life any other way. I feel blessed to be a mom and although its hard I can always laugh about my day or something the kids have said or done. The mornings do kill me but from about 3pm I am golden 🙂

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