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  • January 26, 2023 5 min read

    Innovative Products for the Modern Baby

    In this blog I could talk about so many issues facing new parents, we seem to have way more things to worry about than ever before, if it’s not general society, economic finances, global warming or the next pandemic then its slightly more closer to home issues of can we afford to put the central heating on let along nappies and a new pushchair!

    There are tons of blogs out there on all of these matters. I want to talk to you about the modern baby, what I mean about this is some of the new innovative products out there for the modern baby – it amazes me that I take a wonder down the new baby aisle of my local supermarket and all I see are the same old boring baby products used by my mum for me (im mid-forties!!)

    Baby Essentials you wont find on the High Street

    We are in the baby business and we go to exhibitions and are contacted by new entrepreneurs or brands all the time, who have truly reinvented the wheel, come up with better solutions, more modern ways to help new babies in today’s era – so why do most retailers not stock these products?

    Did you know all major supermarkets along with stores like John Lewis and JoJo Maman bebe wont stock a product from a new inventor or a first time entrepreneur,  they say it’s too much hassle opening new accounts and are not prepared to give new companies a chance – that’s why they all stock the same old boring rubbish and that’s the single most important reason why we started this company – we wanted to give a platform to new products, give them a chance in the marketplace – so that’s what this blog is about, it’s for the new-born’s and a chance to look at some amazing new products to help with the first 12 months – old is not always gold and maybe its time to search for the diamond in the rough!

    Unique Baby Essentials

    Nasal Cleaner

    Let’s talk our favourite Nasal cleaner  - this is always a topic especially for first time parents that’s makes you squirm! Using an aspirator needs a degree, holding the baby whilst holding the aspirator and using your third hand to squeeze the pump to hopefully have not let your finger slip away from the babies nose – all whilst singing to keep the baby calm – how is this product still sold, everyone you speak to uses this once and gives up as it’s just too difficult to manoeuvre – we still have the same problem, our babies get stuffy noses, the dried booger, the excess ear wax – all very normal and natural and let me assure you when you see your baby crying cause they have a blocked nose you will try it all to help! let me introduce the WogeyWand – this is a very handy little wand with a loop end and a scoop end, cleverly designed not to be inserted too far into the babies nose or ears but perfect size to hold, clean and carry everywhere. They say the simplest ideas are sometimes the best and this is the epitome of the phrase – for me this is by far a number one MUST HAVE for any new born

    Baby Teethers

    Teethers – probably the most flooded market for new-born’s, after all every baby goes through this stage and no one tells you how hard it is to deal with! I have seen way too many teethers in my time and the 2 factors that get me every time is why have a teether that easily drops to the floor and why have a teether with beads or components that could easily come off and break leaving your baby with a wooden ball in their mouth! . Scenario 1 – you are out shopping and your teether drops on the dirty floor (usually within minutes of leaving the house) do you really want to test the ‘2 second rule’ with your baby after the teether has been in the road by the curb! I certainly wouldn’t! Scenario 2 – and one I cant even bear to think about let along write about, is please don’t use any teether made of wooden balls, they seem to have recently become popular and often see people selling them on Etsy or at craft fairs the possibility of this breaking in your babies mouth are unthinkable so please don’t ever buy one or use them! Que my 2 favourite teethers the Tie Teether a cute clip on tie that makes a crinkle sound and has a BPA free food grade silicone tip for babies to chew, when they are not using it, it clips to the top and looks supe cute they have a tie on their baby grow and its always at hand to play with or chew and it doesn’t drop on the floor! Also the Mouthie Mitt is a similar concept, a mitten that goes on the babies hand and doesn’t drop, also making a crinkle sound for stimulation and BPA free silicone to chew!

    Carry Wipe Boxes

    Baby wipes so many brands and so many options, with water, with aloe vera, with anti-bacterial, organic, compostable, scented! You name it and you can probably find it but they all come in a plastic packet with a resealable (or from my experience not so resealable lip) so they same thing happens, they dry out. Whether kept in the car, your change bag or on addresser at home as soon as that lid is not shut air tight they dry out making the remainder of the back useless! So here comes that very simple innovative idea I was telling you about The Wipebox is the solution to the problem, a handy air tight and waterproof container that holds your baby wipes and keep them moist, fresh and clean just when you need them most. This is the product you need multiple of, one for the car, one for the change bag – they come in so handy, they really are the new born essential must have!

    Sleeping on the go

    Sleeping on the go – babies need sleep and we have things to do! Getting your baby to sleep and stay asleep when out and about it a challenge. There has never really been a product out there to deal with this issue, until now, its time to choose CoziGo to create a snug, cozy and safe cover for your baby when you're out and about or travelling. Whether it’s pounding the pavement, road tripping or flying further afield, This hand product helps you keep baby’s routine on track while you go about your day. Protect them from germs and UV rays whilst keeping to that all-important sleep routine.. Attach to your stroller to block the light, help reduce your baby’s exposure to germs, maintain social distancing and assist baby to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer during nap time.

    We have so many more amazing brands just like these mentioned, I could go on all day about them, but I will leave you to take a good look for yourselves through our pages and our website – I will challenge you to skim through the brands available on the John Lewis site and I bet you have heard of over half of them, mainly corporate giants who have sold the same old thing for years!  Then take a look at our brand pages – every single one is a small independent, often family owned business who have invented something new, its time for change and time to give the little people a chance!