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See Summer and her Dad pitch her inventive and addictive game to Rylan, a studio audience and a panel of famous retailers – Lakeland, JML and Amazon!

Nine 2 Nothing as seen on Buy It Now For Christmas


Stick your blocks together 12 times stronger using Le-Glue. Never have your creation fall apart again…unless YOU want it to.
Le-Glue is the non-permanent solution. Will release with warm water, immerse for 30 seconds and just pull apart!
Safe to use with all building blocks including Lego® Brand or Mega Bloks® Products.


Piggy Paint, a water-based, non-toxic and eco-friendly line of polishes fit for princesses and the planet. Say goodbye to harsh, smelly chemicals, and hello to natural, colourful fun.



Teething troubles? Dribbling, red cheeks and grumpy little ones? The Mouthie Mitten is here to help! A convenient wearable, washable teether that attaches to babies hand with a velcro strap to prevent constant dropping of teething toys. From 3-7 months, however can be used up to 12 months of age depending on development of teeth. Strap can be used to affix to a toy tether or car seat/stroller strap for convenience.

Mouthie Mitt Video


The Race in on to be the first to get rid of all your cards. Sounds simple, it’s not! Our One 4 One promise for every pack bought we will donate a pack to charity for kids to learn and play! Invented by a 7 yr old whilst on holiday with her family, she was bored of all the other card games and sat down and developed her own!


Say hello to Soapsox… soft and cuddly animal friends makes bath time fun…and helps get little ones clean, too. Built-in finger pockets allow for secure scrubbing, while a clever opening for liquid or bar soap makes sudsing up all the easier.

SOAP SOX 2016 COMMERCIAL Teaser v2 0


Most lifetime UV damage occurs during childhood and risk for retinal damage is greatest in kids less than 10… That’s why Roshambo shades block 100% uva/b/c rays, are bpa free, small parts tested and proudly made in Italy. We are so confident that the Roshambo shades can withstand you and your kids that we offer a replacement guarantee if your frames break or you lose or scratch a lens. You can even run them over (check our videos)! Bend, twist, pull & chew with confidence.

These Roshambo Baby Sunglasses are Indestructable
Founded by husband and wife Natalie and Mark, have successfully brought a dream to life. It all started when they imported a product for their own daughter and realised the UK needed these to help all families and babies. They rapidly went from one brand to another and now they have their own fast growing family of brands that they represent in the UK (and some of them in the EU as well!).
Kids Happy House offer so many diverse brands all with the same philosophy and ethos, Natalie says: “All the brands we work with are very similar to us, a family run company, people that had a great idea and through hard work and determination, they saw it through and brought it to life, all the brands have really made their mark in the US  And it’s our time to let them shine in the UK.”


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