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Kids Happy House

Bubble Pop Fidget Sensory Toy

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Green Round
Purple Round
Rainbow Round
Yellow Round
Rainbow Ombre Round
Pastel Red Square
Rainbow Square
Green Square
Rainbow Ombre Square
Yellow Square
Pastel Red Round
Purple Square
Luminous Round
Luminous Square

Perfect for all ages girls and boys as well as grown ups but they spark creativity and allow for endless hours of fun.

    STRESS RELIEF - they are the perfect stress relief gadget. They are perfect for your handbag or briefcase to take to the office, or to keep in the car for those times you really need to release some stress. It's everlasting bubblewrap on tap!!
      SAFETY - our push popper is made from 100% silicone with a hard case around it unlike other fidget toys. The fidget popper can be washed in warm soapy water and left to air dry.
        AVAILABLE in 7 colours and 2 Styles, this is the must have gadget
          Perfect for autism and sensory issues, once you start popping you just won't stop!!!