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What are Mimbleballs?

Mimbleballs were created as a comforting companion for a friend in the hospital or quarantine, a calming therapy toy for a child with anxiety, a friendly ball to toss, or a friend to help focus during meditation, a Mimbleball can be helpful in so many ways.

Mimbleballs are 5" round, plush therapy tools that benefiteveryone who needs a little extra love, joy, laughter, and comfort. Really, whodoesn't?

A Mimbleball's wide-set eyes hold a steady, gentle gaze, making it theperfect listening companion and creating an instant bond. At the same time, itsincredible softness soothes and comforts. 

The secret power of the Mimbleball: gently shake or pat underneath, and the hair stands straight up. We dare you not to laugh! The reaction of almost every person who encounters a Mimbleball, young and old, is instantaneous joy.

We have made sure to use the softest materials for our cuddly friend. Each fabric is 100% new andcuddle-tested. We spent months finding the best safety eyes so they can withstand even the tightest of hugs!

Why Mimbleball?