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Washi Tape by Studio Inktvis

Pink Rainbow

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WASHI TAPE from Studio Inktvis is the colorful masking tape to use with your bullet journal, agenda or to completely pimp a present. Washi tape not only brightens up your bullet journal, but is also very useful. Give certain items or topics in your bujo a specific tape or, for example, make tabs on the relevant pages with the correct tape. You can also attach pieces of tape to paper clips and slide them to your monthly and weekly logs. This way you can easily browse or navigate through your bujo.

What else can you do with it?. Like:

  • Name cards for your guests' glasses so that everyone can easily find their own glass
  • Decoration on the wall
  • laptop cover
  • mini garland
  • Give cans an upgrade
  • Making a road on the floor for cars for your kids
  • Post it note calendar
  • Give the covers of your books a different color/print. Especially useful if you've covered your books and you can't easily tell them apart.

Extra information

The washi tape is:

– Digitally printed on paper tape
– Format: 15mm x 10m